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African Grower

The African Grower Garden

The African Grower Garden is a high-density, growing system for urban households. The African Grower Garden is manually operated, productive, sustainable and highly water efficient.

The African Grower Garden grows 10 plants per pot and consist of 4 pots in a single column which occupies less than a square meter. With the African Grower segmented

column you could grow leafy greens, peas, beans, strawberries, flowers and more.


The African Grower system includes all the parts* of the system as well as a manual on how to set up the system. The systems core lasts+- 10 years

  • R900 per African Grower(including 6 month plant food)
  • R200 Delivery to any Postnet near you
  • Total Cost R1 100 for entire kit and delivery

African Grower Details

  • Fresh Life Produce is introducing a Africanised vertical hydroponics column (or tower) which is a space-saving device with vessels within which plants can be grown;
  • The device saves water and allows for a high yield in a small space. In the case of spinach the system had been proved to use 90% less water than ground grown planting;.
  • The African Totem Grower is an easy to build, use and maintain hydroponics system that eliminates the need for fertile soil;
  • It is designed to grow up to 10 plants per pot and consist of 4 pots;
  • It uses no electricity – only hand-watering 1 litre per pot per day,
  • The tower is suspended from any appropriate fixture making it pest resilient.

COMPACT FITS IN A 45cm x 30cm x 30cm BOX

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