HiGro Towers

The HiGro Tower Garden

A high-density, growing system for urban households. The HiGro Tower Garden is manually operated, productive, sustainable and highly water efficient.

The HiGro Tower Garden grows 48 plants in a single column which occupies less than a square meter. With the HiGro segmented column you could grow leafy greens, peas, beans, strawberries, flowers and more.









The HiGro Tower Garden consists of 8 segments. Each segment houses 6 plants grown in coir, a renewable rooting medium.


Conveniently Grow 48 Plants

Fresh Greens for Every Season,  Readily Available at Home

Reduce Your Store Purchases & Save Money

Lower Your Carbon Footprint by Lowering Food Miles

Know Your Food & Grow Pesticide Free Food

Lower Waste by Harvesting Only What You Need

Water Wise Requiring < 5 Litres per Day*

Manually Operated,  No Electricity Required*

Perfect for Small Spaces Utilizing < 1m2



The HiGro Tower Garden uses no electricity and is manually irrigated by means of a compression sprayer. The Higro Tower Garden is waterwise using less than 5 litres of water a day. The plant fertiliser is mixed with the water in a compression sprayer and pumped up through the drip lines to each segment. Water run-off is easily collected under the column and recycled back into the irrigation cycle.
















  • Determine your location. Preferred location should have full sun in winter and part shade in summer.
  • Suspend the HiGro column from a steady beam/structure, 2m from the ground. Your beam should carry the weight of a grown man.
  • Establish your columns by inserting plant seedlings in the planting-holes.
  • Pump your water through the compression sprayer. The first irrigation wets your tower garden and expands the growing medium.

The ULTIMATE Urban Grow System.

*Requires 5Litre compression sprayer, sold separately (We recommend the following brands: Gardena, Matabi, Guarany)

Length: 1.6 m tall.

Weight with irrigated plants: 25 – 27 kg.

Water every day in summer and every 3rd day in winter.

The perfect home-grown companion. Order yours today.

Water Usage  


The HiGro tower consists of 48 plants. It is watered with a 5 litre pressure sprayer once a day in summer and once every second day in winter. The growing bags consist of coconut coir that holds moisture and plant food for the plants and makes it extremely water efficient.


Total water saving vs soil


The tower uses 90% less water than soil based plants in summer and 95% less water in winter.

A commercial spinach farmer gives his spinach plant on average 1 litre of water a day. In the HiGro tower the spinach plant only needs 0.1 litre of water a day and in winter you only water once every second day so that is 0.05 litre of water a day.


Water needed for full tower under production per season


A spinach plant takes on average 42 days to grow from seeding to harvest. In a HiGro tower filled with 48 spinach plants in summer the entire tower only requires 210 litres of water and in winter only 105 litres of water in a production cycle.


What that means is an individual spinach plant in the HiGro Tower only uses 4.37 litres of water in summer to grow from seeding to harvest and 2.18 litres of water in the winter to grow from seeding to harvest.


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