HiGro Towers

The HiGro Tower Garden

A high-density, growing system for urban households. The HiGro Tower Garden is manually operated, productive, sustainable and highly water efficient.

The HiGro Tower Garden grows 48 plants in a single column which occupies less than a square meter. With the HiGro segmented column you could grow leafy greens, peas, beans, strawberries, flowers and more.









The HiGro Tower Garden consists of 8 segments. Each segment houses 6 plants grown in coir, a renewable rooting medium.


Conveniently Grow 48 Plants

Fresh Greens for Every Season,  Readily Available at Home

Reduce Your Store Purchases & Save Money

Lower Your Carbon Footprint by Lowering Food Miles

Know Your Food & Grow Pesticide Free Food

Lower Waste by Harvesting Only What You Need

Water Wise Requiring < 5 Litres per Day*

Manually Operated,  No Electricity Required*

Perfect for Small Spaces Utilizing < 1m2



The HiGro Tower Garden uses no electricity and is manually irrigated by means of a compression sprayer. The Higro Tower Garden is waterwise using less than 5 litres of water a day. The plant fertiliser is mixed with the water in a compression sprayer and pumped up through the drip lines to each segment. Water run-off is easily collected under the column and recycled back into the irrigation cycle.
















  • Determine your location. Preferred location should have full sun in winter and part shade in summer.
  • Suspend the HiGro column from a steady beam/structure, 2m from the ground. Your beam should carry the weight of a grown man.
  • Establish your columns by inserting plant seedlings in the planting-holes.
  • Pump your water through the compression sprayer. The first irrigation wets your tower garden and expands the growing medium.

The ULTIMATE Urban Grow System.

*Requires 5Litre compression sprayer, sold separately (We recommend the following brands: Gardena, Matabi, Guarany)

Length: 1.6 m tall.

Weight with irrigated plants: 25 – 27 kg.

Water every day in summer and every 3rd day in winter.

The perfect home-grown companion. Order yours today.