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Fresh Life Produce Knitting Team
Fresh Life Produce Knitting Team

Supporting the Community

Fresh Life Produce help create meaningful economic participation by empowering members from South African communities, especially woman, with the skills and technology they need to better their lives and the lives of their surrounding community members by following the method of decentralised home farming.

Decentralised home farming is an alternative to the thinking that we need to have a few large scale producers to feed households and entire cities. We lead the way in showing that we all need to become our own mini-producers that work together and take the strain off our monthly vegetable bill.

The current system of agriculture production has reduced consumers to powerless buyers of food. So join the movement to rediscover your creative and productive self by having a look at our new vertical home growing system – the African Grower.

A study done by the University of California shows that almost all vegetables lose from 15% to 55% of Vitamin C within a week of harvest.

Spinach is especially known to have a high nutritional value but loses the most nutrition when travelling – up to 90% of its vitamin C within 24 hours after harvest.

The African Grower

The African Grower is a high-density, vertical growing system for urban households developed in South Africa after many years of community work and experience. The African Grower Garden is a highly productive and water efficient growing system.

The Pop-Up Greenhouse

The Pop-Up Greenhouse is a fully customisable structure that houses multiple African Growers and can be built to suit your specific needs. Visit our product page and explore all the different options to start your own growing journey.