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At Fresh Life Produce we are committed to showing the world that there is an alternative to the thinking that we need to have a few large-scale producers to feed households and entire cities. We passionately believe that we all have to become our own “mini” producers that collectively work together to fight the growing food production challenge in a sustainable and natural resource efficient manner.

Our growing system that we have developed – and the design of which has been registered – is called the African Grower and our manufacturing and distribution thereof gives us the opportunity to disrupt the fresh food production market.

About the African Grower
Our Wish…

Is to give every single food insecure household the opportunity to grow their own food and evolve into self sufficient households and communities that contribute to the socio economic development of our country

…join us in making this dream come true

  • 2016Established

    Fresh Life Produce was established in 2016 working with multiple alternative growing systems . Fresh Life Produce pooled the knowledge and experience of all the different sustainable growing technology's and developed a unique Africanized Hydroponics system in 2018.
  • 2017Won Cape Talk’s Small Business Award

    While in a joint venture with Urban Organics, we won Cape Talk’s Small Business Award in 2017.
  • 2018Won Investec Agriculture competition

    We were privileged to be selected by Investec to travel to Israel with 19 other young Agricultural entrepreneurs in 2018 as part of their “Ennovate” project.
  • 2020Came 2nd in F'SAGRI Agriculture competition

    Came 2nd in F'SAGRI (French South African Agricultural Institute) Agriculture competition.

  • 2020Won UNDP Cultivate competition

    Won UNDP Cultivate competition to transfer our technology and application approach to Uruguay Technical.

  • 2021Registered Design Patent

    Registered Design Patent for agri tech platform the African Grower and Software partner REEDISA enhanced (web and mobile) their 20 year old TouchAfrica platform.

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