About Us

At Fresh Life Produce we are committed to showing the world that there is an alternative to the thinking that we need to have a few large-scale producers to feed households and entire cities. We passionately believe that we all have to become our own “mini” producers that collectively work together to fight the growing food production challenge in a sustainable and natural resource efficient manner.

Our growing system that we have developed – and the design of which has been registered – is called the African Grower and our manufacturing and distribution thereof gives us the opportunity to disrupt the fresh food production market.

The African Grower is a vertical hybrid hydroponics plant growing system. With this new technology we strive to lead the way in showing that it is possible for every single person – or company with a rooftop! – to have the capability to grow their own food and become part of this new method of farming referred to by us as “decentralised home farming”.

Through various development projects, we have been creating home growers we call African Green Thumbs and through the use of this decentralized “home” farming approach we are furthermore establishing a virtual community of home growers.


On our journey we have experienced amazing things

  • Early Days: Training at my First Roof-top Garden at Intaka Island.

  • While in a joint venture with Urban Organics, we won Cape Talk’s Small Business Award in 2017.

  • A highlight that same year was when we had the opportunity to share our experiences with the celebrities Charlize Theron and Trevor Noah, and to teach them about sustainable growing technology.

  • We were privileged to be selected by Investec to travel to Israel with 19 other young Agricultural entrepreneurs in 2018 as part of their “Ennovate” project.

  • Went on the Inspirasiekos met Sarie show.

  • Working with the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) to train their reserve force members on how to start their own gardens.

    The Original Design Team.

“I started to develop an Africanised sustainable growing system in 2015. It has become a passion since 2015 as I continued working with multiple alternative growing systems after starting with aquaponics and then moving on to the classic PVC pipe hydroponics systems and eventually realising that these technologies are not 100% suited for our South African realities – especially in places where some infrastructure services are hard to come by.

Most conventional systems are too technical, capital and time intensive and bulky, and the yield to cost rate generally make them too expensive for the average South African. After being exposed to vertical hydroponics, I pooled the knowledge of the past few years to develop our brand-new “African Grower” system – an Africanised vertical growing system. We used 3 rules of thumb while designing our new system:

• It must be easy to transport
• It must not require any technical knowledge or special tools
• It must be affordable and have a high yield.”